Tuesday, October 13, 2009

tippy? more like run head long!

okay. where did my summer go?

all of a sudden:

i have a 6 year old.

a 5 year old.

a 3 year old.

and a soon-to-be 16-mo old.

and there are christmas decorations on store shelves.

wasn't it just memorial day?

time is no respecter of persons!

one minute we are tippying along (hehehe, right) at a leisurely pace (as if we've ever taken things slowly -- 4 kids in 6 years?) and the next thing i know we've covered miles and miles and MILES of ground.

i can only backtrack, i can't start from where i left off! too much going on, too many milestones, too many stories. sad, but true!

the one thing on my mind tonight is my oldest boy, bryson, my "strong boy" i call him. he's lost his first tooth. and it feels like it was yesterday, but it was 2 weeks ago! and now the other one is already growing in! what??? where is my pause button?! he's just my baby. but he's sooo not anymore. he reacted in just the way i thought he would whenever i thought about the teeth-losing season commencing for him. he was quite... panicked. upset. distraught. he is, after all, my reserved child. the one who wants no attention on himself. the one who resists change. (unless it's the 3 outfits he puts together throughout a typical day, depending on his choice of work, school or play at any particular quarter of an hour.)

he bit into a braeburn apple and his tooth... broke!!! it was FALLING OUT!!!! aaaaggghhhh! i guess it was only 11 days ago, i won't be so hard on myself. it happened about 12 minutes before we needed to pull out of the driveway to head to a nutrition appointment and it kept bleeding. and bleeding. thankfully i had a crumpled up papertowel that i rolled into a swab-like scroll to slide between the narrow space left by the "unbroken" teeth. ah, my boy. i gave him a big hug and congratulated him on officially transitioning into becoming a big kid who was about to get grown-up teeth. mmmmmmyeaaaah. didn't provide much comfort for the little man.

but by the time we got back into the tahoe after our appointment, he was tired of me asking [jovially] if he wanted me to pull it. ;) (mom! stop asking me that! no. i don't need you to pull it.) and then before he buckled his seatbelt, it was out! and we had a party. i told him he could have as much sugar as he wanted -- so that he could make his other teeth fall out and just hurry up and grow. "Mo-om! That will make me too hyper."

and a few nights ago, i must say that my youngest trenkletoebearer has sprouted several teeth without permission from her guardians. she had gotten her molars a few weeks ago, lower, which i knew she was working on. but excuse me? last night a third tooth in the bottom front had cut without my motherly instinct indicating to the fatherly protector that it was henceforth about to erupt thru the surface of our dear sweet girl's gums.

what is this world coming to?

and that's just the update on TEETH around here and i'm out of breath.

well, i shall breathe deeply... (oh, please do it with me... breathe IN .............. breathe OUT..........).

because let everything that has breath Praise the LORD!

we'd not survive this busy season without Him.

i'm so grateful for my babes and my (hunkahunkaburninlove) babe. we are in the midst of so many things! but most importantly of all, in the midst of His love and our intimacy as a family. i'm so grateful.

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KI said...

ahh, thanks for the reminder of what to do with these breaths.
Love sharing these moments with you.